Felt Works in Public Spaces

The Finnsheep wool is our material – it symbolizes the unique nature of our country in all its hues. The touch of a finger to the felt transmits warmth to the whole body, the caress of a glance coveys the harmony of colors.

Home and its festivities are unique, a one-time-only projects. Unique interior elements reveal more of the occupant than words. Well thought of textile make the festivity. We design your own felt world for your home and for the star moments of your life – just for You.

The Blossoming Rowan

This felted textile is decorating the salon in the village hall in Pohjaslahti. The size is about 130 x 250 cms.


The Ice Lantern and Wintery Creatures

This felted textile cheers up the wall of Paunu school in Jämsä. The size is 130 x 250 cms.


The Forest Maiden

Forest Maiden –textile is decorating the dining room in Rapukartano, Vilppula.


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